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The "Garden of Eden" Diet - Helps the Body Heal - Recover from Cancer


The Garden of Eden Diet Instructions
given to Adam and Eve for them, their Children
and Descendants of the Human Race were:
  " You let it serve as Food...take Eat and LIVE Forever Young."
Genesis 1:29; 3:22
(No Animal Products, Oils, Grain Products) 

Jesus Promoted the "Garden" Instructions:
   "...Eat always from The Creators Table...
(Vegetation, Fruit) which GIVE YOUTH and
You will LIVE Forever Young...any other Instructions ("Eat Bread", "Eat Meat") are
from Satan and lead by Disease to Death."

   - Excerpts from "The Essene Gospel" in the
Catholic Vatican Library Archives in Rome

No Animal Products, Oils, Grain Products

Medical Doctors - Have Discovered and Published the Diet Therapy/Cure for Cancer

TIMELINE - Discoveries and Publications

1939 - "Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss, a Diet Researcher, was published. In his book are case studies of people who Completely Recovered from Cancer after *DIET THERAPY* - The "Garden of Eden" Diet - Eating only Fruit, Greens and Vegetables (No Animal Products, Oils or Grain Products)
   He sent his case studies to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) established in 1937 in Washington, D.C. A copy of his letter to the NCI is in his book that is still in print and can be ordered from online bookstores: or 
   43 Years Later - In 1982, the National Research Council published the document "Diet, Nutrition and Cancer" which summarized the research literature on the Relationship between various Chronic Diseases and Dietary Patterns"

1958 - Dr. Max Gerson, M.D.
   His book, "A Cancer Therapy - Results of 50 Cases and the CURE of Advanced Cancer
- A Summary of 30 Years (1928 - 1958) of Clinical Experimentation Healing the Hopeless" was published
   Dr. Gerson's Successful *DIET THERAPY* was - The "Garden of Eden" Diet - Eating only Fruits, Greens and Vegetables - (No Animal Products, Oils or Grain Products)

1981National Cancer Research Council - "Doll and Peto concluded that about 35 percent of all cancer deaths were related to nutrition, with a plausible range of 10 to 70 percent. This conclusion was driven largely by data on dietary behaviors that might increase risk.
   The evidence supporting the role of vegetables and fruit in cancer prevention provided a foundation for several documents that were the basis of national nutrition policy in the 1980s and 1990s. 
   In 1982, the National Research Council (NRC) published the seminal document, Diet, Nutrition and Cancer, which summarized the research literature on the relationship between various chronic diseases and dietary patterns."

1984 - "Fighting Disease" was published by the Editors of Prevention Magazine. In the chapter on "Facing the Cancer Challenge", under the heading THE DIET/CANCER LINK it says:
   "The day may come when *DIET THERAPY* is widely recognized as essential, not only to the PREVENTION but also to the TREATMENT of Cancer." (Foods, especially Animal Products, were listed as "Promoting" cancer)

1991 - "5 a Day" Program started by the National Cancer Institute promoting the Eating of 5 Servings a Day of Fruit and Vegetables to Help with the Prevention and Recovery of Cancer. (In 2007, the *5 a Day* Program was changed to the *Fruit and Veggies - More Matter* Program)

2002 - "5 a Day" Logo seen in grocery stores. Discontinued in 2007 when the *Fruits and Veggies - More Matters" Program was started.


2004 - United Nations - World Health Organization (WHO) endorsed for Worldwide Participation the U.S. "5 A Day" Program promoting the Eating of 5 to 9 Servings a Day of Fruits and Vegetables to: "Fight Cancer, Heart Disease & the Effects of Aging", the Program Slogan.
WHO Reports:

2006 - "The China Study" by T. Colin Powell, Ph.D
"The research project culminated in a 20-year partnership of Cornell University, Oxford University, and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, a survey of diseases and lifestyle factors in rural China and Taiwan. More commonly known as the China Study, “this project eventually produced more than 8000 statistically significant Associations between various DIETARY Factors and DISEASE.” 
   The findings? “People who Ate the most ANIMAL-Based Foods got the MOST CHRONIC DISEASE … (Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes)...People who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest and tended to avoid chronic disease.
   These Results could not be ignored,” said Dr. Campbell.

2007 - "Fruits and Veggies - More Matter" Program started to replace the *5 a Day* Program.

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Cancer Recovery - Web Sites

The Cancer Project - Prevention and Recovery
Founder, Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D. This website Presents Medical Research Proving that Changing to a Low-Fat Vegan Diet (No Animal Products)...and the Eating of Fruit, Greens and Vegetables, Helps the Body to Recover from being Healthy Again

Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine
President - Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D., also the Founder of "The Cancer Project" 
   "...Meat, Dairy and Us In...Doctors know the casualties as Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes.
Our Best Prescription lies in Changing Our Diets."
The PCRM recommends an Oil-Free, Vegan Diet (No Animal Products)

Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. (Photos of her Cancer Tumor)
She was Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital, and was for 15 years on the Faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine.

In 1992, she was Diagnosed with Stage IV - Breast Cancer. As a Medical Doctor, she did not want to do Chemotherapy, instead choosing *DIET THERAPY* as her Cancer Recovery Treatment. She Stopped Eating All Animal Products, instead Eating only Fruit, Greens and Vegetables
   She made other changes in her life that she talks about in this online interview:
   Dr. Lorraine Day Completely Recovered from Cancer after DIET THERAPY.

Hallelujah Diet - Hallelujah Acres
Started by a Christian Minister, George Malkmus, the author of "The Hallelujah Diet". In 1976 he was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. He choose *DIET THERAPY* as his Cancer Recovery Treatment. He Stopped Eating All Animal Products, instead Eating only Fruit, Greens and Vegetables, The Creators Diet Instructions given in the Garden of Eden. Genesis 1:29
   His body gradually Eliminated the Cancer and his Health was Restored to better than before his diagnosis. He then started sharing his *Diet Plan* with others, that has now grown into an International Support Organization (Hallelujah Acres) with over 2 Million Worldwide on the Diet, including Medical Doctors and Nurses.
   In 1998, Dr. Michael Donaldson, PhD, a graduate from Cornell University, joined Hallelujah Acres as Head of Research for the Hallelujah Acres® Foundation Documenting the Disease Recovery Benefits of the Diet, that are available on DVD.
   "Healing for Life" Testimonials
HFL 2 Cancer DVD
   On this DVD are interviews with People who Recovered from Cancer, also interviews with Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D. (PCRM) and Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

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SUCCESS STORIES - Recovery from Cancer to Good Health

1939 - "Back to Eden"
book by Jethro Kloss, a Diet Researcher, has documented Success Stories of Recovery from Cancer after a Change in Diet to following - The "Garden of Eden" Diet - Instructions to Eat only Fruit, Greens and Vegetables. The book is still in print, and can be ordered from the online bookstores or

1958 "A Cancer Therapy - Results of 50 Cases and the CURE of Advanced Cancer by DIET THERAPY - A Summary of 30 Years (1928 - 1958) of Clinical Experimentation Healing the Hopeless"

1976 - George Malkmus - Colon Cancer
He made a change in Diet to Eating only Fruit, Greens and Vegetables, after which his body eliminated the cancer and restored itself to health. He is today the Author of the book, "Hallelujah Diet" and Founder of the Program 

1984 - William Calderon - AIDS - Kaposi's Sarcoma
William's story - is in the book, "Love, Medicine & Miracles" (published in 1986) written by Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D., a Cancer Specialist. The book is about Cancer Survivors. This is what is written in the book about William...
1982 - "Calderon was diagnosed in - December 1982. His doctors told him - he would probably be dead - in 6 months. Understandably he became depressed and hopeless. Almost immediately - Kaposi's sarcoma - the type of cancer - that most often accompanies AIDS - appeared and began spreading rapidly on ALL areas of his skin andthroughout his - intestinal tract."
See our website page - - for more details about how William recovered from cancer/AIDS - without - drugs.See See See

ttt 1992 - Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. - Breast Cancer - Stage IV
Photos of her Cancer Tumor 

Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D., was Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital, and for 15 years on the Faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine.
   In 1992, she was Diagnosed with Stage IV - Breast Cancer.
As a Medical Doctor, she did not want to do Chemotherapy, instead choosing *DIET THERAPY* as her Cancer Recovery Treatment. She Stopped Eating All Animal Products, instead Eating only Fruit, Greens and Vegetables
   She made other changes in her life that she talks about in this online interview:
   Dr. Lorraine Day Completely Recovered from Cancer after DIET THERAPY.
She is the Author of the book and video, "You Can't Improve on God" ("Garden of Eden" Diet)

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1999Jerrod Sessler - Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Stage IV
Jerrod's Photo, Website:

"In 1999, at the Age of 29, Jerrod Sessler received a Diagnosis of Stage IV Metastasized Melanoma, was given a 5% chance of living (6 Months) past his 30s with no medical treatment, and a 20% chance of doing so with treatment.
   Faced with Medical Options that were Not Encouraging, Jerrod and his wife chose to do something different. Having heard of The Hallelujah Diet® from family members, they adopted The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle™.
   Within One Year, Doctors were asking Jerrod what he was doing, telling him his Health Results were amazing, and that the Prognosis Looked Great. 

   In 2007 - Jerrod had two beautiful children, a thriving career, and was Cancer Free."

Jerrod's - Success Story on Youtube
Cancer Testimony 2

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1999 - Brenda Cobb - Breast Tumors - Cervical Tumors


Brenda's Photo and

"People usually guess that I'm in my 30s. I turned 55 on May 31, 2004.
 I Look Younger and have Fewer Wrinkles (and No More Tumors)"

Age 50 Brenda went to her Doctors for a Checkup and was told she had Breast and Cervical Tumors. Her Mother and Aunt had Cancer, and she did Not want to have Surgery or do Chemotherapy.
   She chose DIET Therapy. She made a Change in Diet to Eating only the "Garden of Eden" Foods: Fruit, Nuts, Greens, Vegetables called the "Living Foods Diet".

After a Change in Diet, Brenda's Body:
* Eliminated ALL of the Tumors
* Eliminated Wrinkles and Created New Skin
* Replaced Gray Hair with New Growth in Natural Color
Naturally Looked *Age 30s* - Again at Age 55!

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2000 - Shirley Hightower - Breast Cancer
Shirley of Marietta, Georgia was Diagnosed with BREAST CANCER in May 2000. Her Story is told in the book, "The Living Foods Lifestyle" by Brenda Cobb, Founder and Director of the Living Foods Institute

   "I immediately began Researching Alternative Treatments and found out about Ann Wigmore and the Living Foods Lifestyle. This Natural Healing Approach just made good sense to me. I found out that Brenda Cobb had a Living Foods program in Atlanta, and I immediately called and enrolled for her 10-Day Detoxification and Rebuilding Program. In just the first 10 Days I began to Feel much Better. I found the Support I needed at the Institute.
   When first Diagnosed, my Tumor was a 2.1. After doing the Living Foods Lifestyle for about 30 Days, I had a Lumpectomy in June 2000. When the Doctor removed the lump it was only a 1.4. So, in that small amount of time my Tumor Shrank.
   Before Surgery, I was told I would have to at least have Radiation and possibly Chemotherapy, but when I returned to the Oncologist, I found that I wouldn't need any Chemotherapy ro Radiation. I believe that is a direct Result of the Living Foods Lifestyle.
   Besides the Wonderful Results with Cancer I have also experienced Better Sleep, much Higher Energy, my Hair became Shiner with Thicker Texture, my Skin became Beautiful, Glowing and Young Looking, and my Attitude became very Positive.
   The Lord has truly Blessed Me. I am so Glad that I found the Living Foods Institute and I Thank them and Brenda Cobb for the Positive, Encouraging Support."

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2002 - Chris Storch - Breast Cancer
Chris' story is from the Summer/Fall 2002 issue of the "Back to the Garden" magazine published by the Hallelujah Acres Headquarters for "The Hallelujah Diet"
   "Just an update on my Healing Process. You might remember that I was Diagnosed with BREAST CANCER in April 2000, had 3 Chemotherapy Treatments which shrank the Tumor from 3 cm to 1 cm. By February 2001, the Tumor returned and quickly grew to 4 cm.
    In May 2001 I began "The Hallelujah Diet". By October 10, 2001, (5 Months Later) the Center of the Tumor, which had a large Scab on it, began to Disintegrate. The scab fell off and left a hole aoubt 1/8 to 1/4 inch deep in my Chest. The Tumor continues to soften and become flatter. When I started on "The Hallelujah Diet", it stuck out about 1/2 to 3/4 inches off my Chest.
    I have found an Ob-GYN Doctor in my area who is 'Bridging the Gap' between Conventional and Alternative Medicine. She has begun to Document the Progress I am Experiencing on the Diet. I Feel Well and Continue to Drink 6 to 8 Glasses of Carrot Juice a Day, along with Eating mostly Raw Food."

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2003 - Caroll - Breast Cancer
Caroll's story is from the Summer 2003 issue of the "Back to the Garden" magazine. 
   "I was Diagnosed with BREAST CANCER, for the 2nd Time on May 31, 2002. I had previously had Breast Cancer 19 Years ago. This time I decided against Traditonal Treatments, against my Oncologist's Recommendation, and chose rather to go on "The Hallelujah Diet". I have been on "The Hallelujah Diet" for 8 Months now, and have NO SIGN OF BREAST CANCER! Praise the Lord!"

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2003 - Merle du Rand - Breast Cancer
Merle is from South Africa. Her Story is from the Fall 2003 issue of the "Back to the Garden" magazine.
   "This month is my 3rd Anniversary since being Diagnosed with BREAST CANCER, and I am Still Alive and Very Much Well! I have never been for Surgery or Chemotherapy - only been on "The Hallelujah Diet". Hallelujah! Praise God!"

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2004 - Margot Baxter - Lymphatic Leukemia
Margot Age 72, from Tennesses. More than 20 Years ago (1984 at Age 52) she was Diagnosed with CHRONIC LYMPHATIC LEUKEMIA and was told she only had 10 to 15 Years to Live. 
    Her 6-Month Checkups with an Oncologist were Routine until she started "The Hallelujah Diet". Shortly after beginning the Diet, her Doctors noticed she was Getting Better (Not Worse) until Finally, about 3 Years ago (2001) they could Not find ANY SYMPTOMS.
    Margot: "My Doctor told me People never really get over this, but he finally realized that the Lord had worked Miracles."

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2004 - Deloris' Mother - Cancer in Lungs, Liver, Lymph, Blood
Deloris' story is from the Summer 2004 issue of the "Back to the Garden" magazine: 
   "It has been nearly 1Year since my Mother had CANCER in the 4th Stage in LUNGS, LIVER, LYMPH and BLOOD. It had metastasized from her side where her Kidney had been removed 11 Years ago. She is 84, and through God's Healing Power and this "Hallelujah Diet" and Lifestyle, she is PAIN FREE, still keeping house, and taking care of my Dad.
    Your Message has Touched my entire Family, and now many are Juicing. It just Snowballs! How Wonderful to Beat Sickness and Death!"

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2004 - Rita Myer - Breast Cancer - Stage IV - Metastasized to Bone
Rita's story is from the Fall 2004 issue of the "Back to the Garden" magazine. In 1997 she had a LUMP in her BREAST that was benign. Then in 1999 after a Needle-Biopsy, Rita was told she had INVASIVE DUCT CELL CARCINOMA.
   "She had gone in for a Routine Checkup when her Doctor felt a Lump in her Breast. After a needle-biopsy, she was told that she had Invasive Duct Cell Carcinoma (Cancer). After further tests and bone biopsies, it was determined that the Cancer had Metastasized to the Bone: she had Stage IV Breast Cancer.
   Her doctors told her that she had 6 Months to live.
The doctors Cncouraged her to have Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery. Initially, she refused the Chemotherapy. Her doctors told her there wasn't much of a chance for her recovery, but that if she was to have any chance at all, she must do the treatment. Not aware of any other options, she began Chemotherapy.
   Rita says: "I started dying as soon as they told me that I only had a few months to live. It is hard to describe what happens in your mind. You start Believing what you have been told, and you begin to Prepare for Your Death."

In the meantime Leon (her husband) was Searching for a Way to Keep his Wife Alive. A friend had started sending them the Hallelujah Acres weekly email Hallelujah Health Tip, and Leon started to Hope as he shared the many Inspirational Testimonials with Rita.

As she began to learn more about the body and how it works, she knew that she needed her lymph nodes for her immune system to function properly, and so she refused to have any taken out when they removed the Walnut-Sized Lump. She also Refused the Radiation Treatments, and opted to Stop Chemotherapy. 
   She studied more about The Hallelujah Diet and watched Dr. Lorraine Day's video "You Can't Improve on God". That was the the first she had ever heard of anyone Surviving Stage IV Cancer. Rita became inspired to adopt the Hallelujah Acres Program. 

Rita: "Leon was the only one who ever offered me any HOPE of Survival. He Refused to give up, and he encouraged me to begin The Hallelujah Diet. He kept giving me more information and kept telling me that I would Not Die. Leon's Faith made me whole."
   Rita says that she had Everyone Praying for Her, and she believes that it was through Prayer that God directed them to "The Hallelujah Diet" and gave them the Wisdom they needed to Implement the Program. 
   "God Works through the Laws of Nature, and as We Pray God Heals Us...
He Asks for Us to Participate in our Healing. Our Faith plays a Vital Role." 

1999 - 2004 - 4 1/2 Years after making a Change in Diet, Rita was still alive, living a full life and shairing with whoever is willing to listen to her phenomenal story of survival and healing. 
   Rita's husband Leon continues to Juice about 50 Pounds of Carrots for her Each Week, and she doesn't stray from "The Hallelujah Diet" for anything.
    Her Doctors say that she is a Miracle and have sent several of their Patients to the Health Classes that she now Teaches Weekly.
   "People who hear my Story have rarely heard of anyone with Stage IV Cancer Surviving. They are in Wonder and Amazement. They realize the Traditional Way is Not Working and Want the Same Kind of Miracle in their Life that I Experienced."

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Exercise (Walking) as Cancer Treatment

"Evidence seems to support the benefits of exercise as a treatment for cancer. Several studies have examined the relationship between exercise, rehabilitation and quality of life in cancer patients and reported positive findings. 

Studies have followed women undergoing breast cancer treatment who added moderate exercise to their treatment regimen. In most studies women exercised at a moderate intensity (60-85% maximal heart rate) for twenty to thirty minutes, 3 times per week from 4 to 12 weeks. The exercise programs included bicycle ergometer and Walking Programs.

These studies have found that overall, exercise had a positive effect on physical and psychological functioning of cancer patients while in treatment. These benefits include the following objective and self-reported findings:

* increased functional capacity and decreased body fat

* increased lean muscle mass

* decreased nausea and fatigue

* improved natural defense mechanisms

* improved sense of control

* improved mood

* improved self-esteem

* self reported improved quality of life

Other studies found that exercising cancer patients had improved work capacity, lower heart rates at given exercise intensity, increased maximum workloads and time to exhaustion than did non-exercising cancer patients.

Psychological changes, including a decrease in total mood disturbances, decrease in depression and fewer problems sleeping were noted between the exercise and non-exercise groups.

A review of the literature shows some evidence that exercise rehabilitation has a beneficial effect on the physical and psychological well-being of patients with breast cancer. However, more focused studies are needed to draw specific conclusions. While these results must be considered with some degree of caution, it would suggest that performing moderate exercise can provide great benefit and little risk to cancer patients."

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NO MORE CANCER - "Celebrate the Cure!"
It's time to focus attention on - Success Stories - and what people have done to - RECOVER - from Cancer.
Success Stories also teach us the - change in diet - and exercise that can - PREVENT - Cancer.

SUPPORT - Make a Change in Diet - Delicious - and Exercise, FUN!
What can a Mate, Family and Friends - do - to help a Loved One - Recover from Cancer?
What can be done to - Prevent - Cancer?
Diet Support - Eat Together - Garden Diet
Exercise Support - Exercise Together - Walks, Hikes, FUN Exercise/Dance Classes, Favorite Sports Activities

"Alone we can do so little - together - we can do so much"
- Helen Keller 

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