Diabetes Recovery - Diet Therapy - Success Stories

The "Garden of Eden" (Raw Food) Diet - Helps the Body - Recover from Diabetes


The Creators "Garden" Diet Instructions
given to Adam and Eve for them, their Children
and Descendants of the Human Race were:
  "...Vegetation...Fruit...to You let it serve as Food...take Eat and LIVE Forever Young."
Genesis 1:29; 3:22
(No Animal Products, Oils, Grain Products)

Jesus Promoted the Garden Diet Instructions:
   "...Eat always from The Creators Table...
(Vegetation, Fruit) which GIVE YOUTH and
You will LIVE Forever Young...any other Instructions ("Eat Bread", "Eat Meat") are
from Satan and lead by Disease to Death."

   - Excerpts from "The Essene Gospel" in the
Catholic Vatican Library Archives in Rome

Medical Doctors Have Discovered and Published the CURE for Diabetes!

2008 - Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., Author, "There Is a Cure for Diabetes"
          DVD Movie "Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
          Raw Foods are the "Garden of Eden" Diet Foods: Fruit, Nuts, Greens, Vegetables

2007 - Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D., Author, "Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes"

Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D., is the Author of the book
"Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes",
 also the Founder of the "Cancer Project" www.CancerProject.org and President of the "Physicians Committtee for Responsible Medicine" www.PCRM.org
    The book can be Ordered at www.Amazon.com

Diabetes Caused by Animal Products and Oils
   Dr. Barnard's Research proved that when Animal Products and Vegetable Oils are Digested they *CLOG* the Cells - Preventing - the Normal Release and Absorption of Insulin.

Eliminate Animal Products and ALL Oils
Eliminate Diabetes


Dr. Barnard's Statement - Oils Cause of Diabetes
   "Normally, Insulin attaches to Receptors on the Cell's Surface and Signals the Cell Membrane to allow Glucose to enter. However, if Fat (Oils) Accumulates inside the Cell, it Interferes with Insulin's intracellular Signaling Process.
   Luckily, evidence shows that - Diet Changes - (Oil-Free, Vegan Diet - No Animal Products) can Reduce the Amount of Fat inside the Cell." 

Dr. Barnard's Statement - NO Olive Oil

   "Gram for fram, OLIVE Oil has the same Number of Calories as Beef Fat, Chicken Fat, and other Fats and Oils...No other Food is more Calorie Dense.
   While Olive Oil contains a great deal of Monounsaturated Fat...it also contains SATURATED Fat, the kind that Increases Cholesterol and Worsens Insulin Resistance.
   It does not matter how Expensive the Oil is or how "Extra Virgin" it may be. It still has more Calories and Saturated Fat than your Body is Designed to Process to Maintain Optinmal Health."

Delicious *OIL-FREE* Salad Dressings
"70 Healthy Salad Dressings - Make in 2 Minutes or Less" Recipe Book

Dr. Barnard - No More Diabetes - After a Change in Diet
In 16 Days * 3 Weeks * 3 Months
    Dr. Barnard's book presents the Results of Participants in the Research Group who had Diabetes and were taking Diabetes Medications. 
    Within a Short Time (Average 3 Months) after a Change in Diet, they No Longer Needed Diabetes Medication.

Eyesight Restored
     After a Change in Diet, People not only No Longer Needed Diabetes Medication, but also they Reported their Eyesight being Restored.
     Dr. Barnard: "...Researchers have Found that some of the Changes in the Eye- Exudates in the Retina - that sometimes occur in Diabetes Start to Improve or even Disappear when People make a Healthy Diet Change."

See *Eyesight Restored* Diet Success Stories www.AgeDefyingBody.com/EyesightRestored.html

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Success Stories

Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes - Recovery Story - No More Diabetes!

Age 9 - Sergei Boutenko's - Ashland, Oregon USA

    "When I was about 9 Years Old, I started noticing Disturbing Changes in my Health. After I gorged myself one Halloween on a Pillowcase of Candy, my Mother found me Unconscious on the Bathroom Floor....My Mom rushed me to the Doctor, who told us that I had Incurable Juvenile Diabetes, and that I had to go on Insulin Immediately. He said I would have to give myself Shots for the Rest of my Life and there was nothing more he could do.
   My Mom and I were Shocked. Mother decided to go home and "think about it". 

Sergei's Mother, Victoria Boutenko, decided to 1st try a Change in Diet to Eating only the "Garden of Eden" Foods: Fruits, Nuts, Greens, Vegetables called the "Raw Food Diet".
After a Change in Diet...Sergei no longer had Diabetes!
Age 20s: Sergei is today still on the "Raw Food Diet", Healthy and does Not have Diabetes.
   His Story is in the book, "Raw Family", written by his Mother, Victoria Boutenko www.RawFamily.com
See Sergei's Video Statement of His "Reversing Diabetes" Story.
His Website/Video

Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D., Author, "Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes"
"For People who already have Type 1 Diabetes, there are Effective Steps they can take to Help them Stay Healthy...The same sort of DIET (Oil-Free, Vegan Diet - No Animal Products) that is described in this book for Type 2 Diabetes is likely to be enormously beneficial for People with Type 1 as well."   

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Adult Type 2 Diabetes -  Recovery Stories - No More Diabetes!

Sequoia Cheney - Watsonville, CA


2005 - Sequoia was diagnosed as having Type 2 Diabetes. Her story is documented on her website http://wonderfullyraw.threetreesretreat.com/my-story Changing to the Garden/Raw Food Diet, helped Sequoia's body recover from Diabetes, and she decided to become a Raw Food Chef.
2010 - Sequoia is a certified - Raw Food Chef - having received her training at the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Fort Bragg, California www.RawFoodChef.com
 "I have learned to make the most wonderfully raw food. I never thought I would be eating lasagna, pizza, pasta, enchiladas, pies, cakes, soups, salads, quiche and so much more...
My blood sugar is completely normal, and still without any medications."

Maureen Parrish
- Texas, USA
    Maureen's story is from the Summer/Fall 2002 issue of "Back to the Garden" published by "Hallelujah Acres"
www.hacres.com the Headquarters for "The Hallelujah Diet" a Vegetarian Diet.
   "I went on "The Hallelujah Diet" and Lifestyle on September 2 of 2001, after being Diagnosed a DIABETIC back in March (5 Months DIABETIC).
    Well, after only 3 WEEKS
on "The Halleljuah Diet", I was completely off my Medicine.
My Blood Sugar has been within Normal Range ever since making the Diet Change
, with only a few raises, but 99% of the time my Blood Sugar has been Normal. I have also Lost 10 Pounds and continue to Lose (excess weight). I Walk as many times during the week as I can.
     I want to Thank God and You for the strides I have made and continue to make. "Praise God" and You for Starting this wonderful Lifestyle."

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Aba Eduayah - RN Cardiac Nurse, Critical Care ICU
   Aba's Story is from the Spring 2004 issue of "Back to the Garden" magazine:

"I am a Registered Nurse who has worked for more than 12 Years as a Critical Care RN in ICU and as a Cardiac Nurse. I see a lot of Sickness, Pain and Anguish from Patients struggling to Regain their Health.
   The Patients who touch me most are the Diabetics, because I have Diabetes in my Family. As I became more knowledgeable as a Nurse, and as a Christian, I began taking better care of myself to Avoid becoming Diabetic.

But in 1995, despite good efforts, I was Diagnosed with TYPE 2 DIABETES, along with Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia. A Year later I developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Lactic Acidosis as Side Effects of my Diabetes Medications.

In 1996, I went on Insulin. I was taking at least 50 Units of Insulin a day by Injection and checking my Blood Sugar at least 5 Times a Day. I was also receiving Treatment for Hypertension, but my Blood Pressure was still High. 
Other Symptoms included Insomnia, Blurred Vision, and Swollen Feet. If my Blood Sugar stayed High for too long, Additional Symptoms were present, such as Nerve Damage, Allergies, a continuous Dry Cough in my Throat (Antibiotics or Cough Medicine did Not Help), Malaise and Fatigue, Stomach Bloating, and Elevated Liver Enzymes.
I also experienced Cardiomegaly, with a Heart Rate around 100, and when I put myself on the Cardiac Monitor, I would see my Heart Rhythm in Ischemia (inadequate Blood Flow to my Cardiac Tissues). My Hemoglobin/Hematocrit Levels were also dropping, so I had to start taking Iron Pills, plus I was taking One Aspirin a Day (supposedly to thin my Blood and to Help Reduce my Risk of Heart Attack). I was very Sick and yet did Not Know What to Do -- all my Expertise and Knowledge taking care of Patients, Teaching others to take care of their Diabetes and their Heart Conditions were Not Helping Me.

I started Praying, "Lord what am I going to Do? I cannot Live like this. I am less than 50 Years Old and if I continue to live like this with this Disease, I will not live to be 60." I was Afraid and Worried. I was Desperate and Helpless.

Somethere in all the midst of this my Church Friends gave me Information on "The Hallelujah Diet", formulated by Dr. George Malkmus, based on Genesis 1:29. I read it and Started it because I knew of No Pill, Medical Procedure, or any Doctor that could Cure Me. In fact, the Endocrinologist I was seeing had told me I had a difficult time ahead of me, and this was True, Knowing what I knew about this Disease. However, that was Man's Verdict, and Not God's.

I purchased a Juicer and bought "Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices", "Recipes for Life" and "God's Way to Ultimate Health" from Hallelujah Acres. I also started Reading voraciously about Live/Raw Foods and Enzymes. 
     I Drank several Glasses of Freshly extracted Vegetable Juices Daily, consisting of Carrots in Combination with Celery, Cucumber, and Spinach, and my Diet contained at least 85% Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

I continued checking my Blood Glucose levels several times Daily and Immediately noticed my Levels gowing Lower and Lower, so that I was using Less and Less Humalog Insulin. 
I had Blood Work drawn exactly 5 WEEKS from Starting the Diet, and I was amazed. My Hbalc had come down to 5.4 (within Normal Range). 
    In 1999 I Eliminated my Long-Acting Insulin. A Couple of Months later, I No longer needed my Insulin or Blood Pressure Medicine

The amazing thing is that once I Started to put the Right Fuel into my Body, it started Responding in spite of all the Years of putting the wrong things in.

My Faith in God is Greatly Strengthened. It has brought home to me the words, "God means what He says". It's that simple. When God says He Heals ALL our Diseases (Psalms 103:3) that is just what it means - if We Do what God Says. He Surely Heals Us according to His Will for Us, which is to be Whole.
    The Scriptures state: "My People are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge". (Hosea 4:6)

I now Proclaim Far and Wide, like the Blind Man in John 9:1-25:
   "Once I was Sick and Now I have been Healed!".
Every Day I Praise and Thank the Lord for Healing Me; I Claim His Promises such as found in Psalms 103:2-5: "Bless the Lord, O my Soul, and Forget Not All His Benefits: Who Forgiveth All thine Iniquities; who Healeth ALL thy Diseases...Who Satisfieth thy Mouth with Good Things; so that thy YOUTH is RENEWED like the Eagle's."

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2009 - October 30 - Victoria Boutenko "Raw Family" Newsletter

Joy for Life Retreat: Another Diabetic off Insulin

I would like to share with you a unique true story that stirs thoughts on the value of fruit in our diet.

Robert (Petetit) has been working on our websites for more than four years. During this time he developed type 2 diabetes and was placed on insulin. Of course he has read tons of information about green smoothies since he has been creating multiple pages devoted to this topic. Robert was open to drinking green smoothies whenever he visited our office, however he was afraid to drink a lot of them because of their fruit content. At home Robert was trying to make smoothies with minimal amount of fruit, on other occasions often he would blend himself savory green smoothies.

Robert was able to make arrangements at his main job so that he could participate at our recent Joy for Life Retreat. He arrived Stewart Mineral Springs completely equipped with his blood sugar monitor and plenty of insulin on hand.

On October 11th all of us who participated in this program began consuming green smoothies every 3-4 hours. Robert noticed that after drinking a green smoothie his blood sugar rise, then it would come back down to normal within an hour after consuming the smoothie with fruit.

Here is Robert’ morning blood sugar levels during the retreat:

  • First day - 190
  • Second day - 150
  • Third day - 129
  • Fourth day - 78
  • Fifth day - 70 in the morning and stable for the remainder of the retreat

Before sending this news letter I called Robert and asked what his blood sugar was. Robert was happy to report that his blood sugar has been staying within a normal frame and was 120 at the moment. Robert has not been taking insulin since October 11th, the first day of the retreat.. My web designer is so inspired about his health improvement that he continues to improve his diet. He stopped eating meat, caffeine and processed foods. He has also reduced the amount of oils and other fats in his diet. Robert is now drinking green smoothies twice a day.
He finds it remarkable that he is consuming sweet fruits like grapes, mangos, and bananas and that it doesn’t affect his diabetes.

Robert checks his blood sugar frequently and while the reading are sometimes slightly higher than normal his blood sugar is significantly lower than before the retreat.

Joy for Life Retreat: Another Diabetic off Insulin
Click here to watch a short video interview with Robert.

Robert's "Overcoming Diabetes" Youtube Video Interview:

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EXERCISE - WALK at Least 30 Minutes - 5 Days a Week at Least
Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D., Author, "Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes", says:

   "For Aerobic Exercise, I suggest Starting with a Half-Hour (30 Minute) Brisk Walk - 5 Days a Week, assuming that You have No Health-Related Exercise Restrictions...
   Do Not Allow Yourself more than 2 Sedentary Days in a Row.
It is a Good Idea to Put Exercise on Your Schedule, as if it were an Appointment with Yourself, and to Include Someone Else in Your Plans."

Walk at Home - Indoor Walk Program 
www.LeslieSansone.com - www.WalkAtHome.com


Lydia - Diabetic - Walking Success Story: "I took your 10 day challenge and lost 9.5 pounds.
   I am a Diabetic, so I had to Add more Fruits and Vegetables as Snacks to your diet.
My glucose numbers have come down and I feel great."

"Walking Down Your Blood Sugar - A Walk and a Talk"
Order - $9.95 DVD at www.WalkAtHome.com/store/product138.html

Do you have 30 mins for your good health? That's all it takes to WALK 2 Miles AT HOME! Lace up your walking shoes and pop this DVD in ....it's easy to manage Diabetes the healthy way! - Ask your doctor how Walking brings Blood Sugars down! - It's so easy to follow Leslie and a fun group of walkers! - Meet a cast member that - lost 100 lbs. - and turned her health around!

THE TALK Our special segment talks with Dr. John Jakicic, Chairman of the Health and Physical Activity Dept. - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Director of a 10 yr. study focusing on diabetes prevention and management. Dr. John offers expert advice on the importance of fitness walking while managing diabetes. Renowned Pittsburgh personality, Jennifer Antkowiak interviews Dr. John Jakicic.

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