The Divine - Heavenly Parents of Adam and Eve
Lovingly Created the *Age Defying Body* to Stay Alive, Healthy, Young

Hebrew *H & HY* Letters - Represent the Heavenly Parents of Adam and Eve


In the - original Hebrew text - of the book of Genesis, the Heavenly Parents of Adam and Eve, their Father and their Mother, were identified by using the four letters *H W HY* translated in English as *YH W H* or *YH & H*.

In Hebrew, the letters *YH W H* are pronounced Yod He' vav He'. The letter *W* waw pronounced vav, is a copulative conjunction meaning "and" (&).

YH - Pronounced Yod He' the Name of their Heavenly Father
  H - Pronounced He' (Hera in Greek) the Name of their Heavenly Mother

The Loving Heavenly Parents of Adam and Eve - Their Loving Father (YH & H) Mother

Marriage of Heaven and Earth by Barbara GetrostThe Heavenly Parents YH W H
or Father YH & H Mother said:
"Let US make Man...
in Our Likeness...
Male & Female...
and called their name Man."
Genesis 1:26, 27; 5:2

Heavenly Parents in Hebrew
Father  HY (Read as YH)
Mother H

Human Sex Chromosomes
Male     XY (HY)
Female X

Picture by Barbara Getrost

The Heavenly Parents - Female H & HY Male
Human Chromosomes - Female H & HY Male
(Called Female X & XY Male)


Why Were the Sex Chomosomes Named Female "X & XY" Male?

1891 - Hermann Henking, Scientist 
   He saw under a Microsope at that time - what he called the "Accessory Chromosome" and named it *X*, for how it looked to him.
   Note: Under Modern Microscopes, like in the image above, the "X" Chromosome looks like a "H".

1905 - Nettie Stevens, Biologist 
   She published her Report of her Discovery that the Chromosomes Named *X* and *Y* by Hermann Henking, determined the Sex of Humans.   
Nettie's Photo:

The Heavenly Parents - Female H & HY Male
Human Chromosomes - Female H & HY Male

If the Letters for the Human Sex Chromosomes were updated to what they Look like under Modern Microscopes, they would be Female H & HY the *likeness* of the Heavenly Parents written in the Hebrew language Female H & HY Male, from Right to Left, Male YH & H Female (YH W H)

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

1987 - Genetic DNA Researchers announced the Discovery that ALL Humans are the Descendants of the 1st Mother they called “Mitochondrial Eve”.
   Mitochondrial DNA is Traced from Child to Mother, Back to the 1st Human Mother called Eve.

A Human Child is "Created" by the Combination of their Parent's Sex Chromosomes.

Human Father XY - Mother X
   The Father's Sex Chromosomes are Both Female X and Y Male, determining the Sex of the Child.
The Mothers X Chromosome completes the Combination.

Boy XY - Y Male Chromosome from His Father - X Female Chromosome from His Mother.
Girl XX  - X Female Chromosome from Her Father - X Female Chromosome from Her Mother.

mitochondrial DNA comes from mothers while nuclear DNA comes from both parents

nuclear DNA comes from all ancestors, while mitochondrial DNA comes from only a single lineage

Nuclear DNA is from the Father - Mitochrondrial DNA is from the Mother

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *  ~ * ~ *

The Heavenly Parents of Adam and Eve - Their Father (YH & H) Mother
Marriage of Heaven and Earth by Barbara Getrost


Adam & Eve - Created in the "Likeness" of their Heavenly Parents - To Be Forever Young

Body Regeneration Schedule in Their DNA
Schedule for Continuous Growing of NEW Body Parts
120 Days - NEW Red Blood Cells
  90 Days - NEW Skeleton
  60 Days - NEW Bladder - NEW Brain Cells, Tissue
  45 Days - NEW Liver - NEW DNA Cell Material
  30 Days - NEW Hair - NEW Skin
    5 Days - NEW Stomach Lining

Adam & Eve's Children and Descendants *Inherited* their Body Regeneration Schedule

   ALL Men & Women - Have the Same Body Regeneration Schedule in ther DNA.

The Human Body was Lovingly Designed to be *Age Defying* continuously Young *like Age 30s*
by the Body Regeneration Schedule *Programmed* in the DNA.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The Loving Heavenly Parents Created Food to Help the Body Stay Alive, Healthy, Young


The Creators Garden of Eden Diet Instructions
given to Adam and Eve for them, their Children
and Descendants of the Human Race were:
  " You let it serve as Food...take Eat and LIVE Forever Young."
Genesis 1:29; 3:22
   No Animal Products, Oils or Grain Products.

Jesus Promoted The Creators Diet Instructions:
   "...Eat always from The Creators Table...
(Vegetation, Fruit) which GIVE YOUTH and
You will LIVE Forever Young...any other
Instructions ("Eat Bread", "Eat Meat") are
from Satan and lead by Disease to Death."
- Excerpts from "The Essene Gospel" in the
Catholic Vatican Library Archives in Rome

The "Garden of Eden" Foods: Fruit, Nuts, Greens, Vegetables - Helped the Body of Adam, Eve, their Children and Descendants to Live for Hundreds of Years - Young *like Age 30s*.

Their Genealogical Record is Documented in the Bible book of Genesis Chapters 5 and 11.
   Adam lived 930 Years - His Descendant Methuselah lived for 969 Years (the Longest Documented Age in Human History).

Jesus was a Descendant of Methuselah and Explained How he Lived for 969 Years Young:
   "The Creators Table fed Methuselah...if you ate as he ate, You also will Live Long as he did...
Eat always from The Creators Table (Fruit, Nuts, Greens, Vegetables) which GIVE YOUTH and you will never see Disease and You will LIVE Forever Young...
     ...other Diet Instructions ("Eat Bread", "Eat Meat") are FROM Satan and lead by Disease to Death."
Excerpts from "The Essene Gospel" in the Catholic Vatican Library in Rome.

Note: It was Methuselah's Grandson Noah, who started Eating Meat, saying he had received Permission from an Invisible Being who called himself  "God".
   Methuselah's Descendant Jesus, said the Invisible Being who spoke to Noah, giving him permission to Eat Meat, was Not The Creator "Our Father" but his Spirit Son "Satan", who Wants People to Grow Old and Die.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

What Caused the Body of Adam, Eve their Children and Descendants to Grow Old and Die?

A Change in Diet - From the "Garden of Eden" Foods to Meat and Bread
   When Adam, Eve, their Chilren and Descendants started Eating Animal Products and Grain Products - those Foods Caused the Body to Get Sick, Grow Old (Degenerate) and Die.

The Colon Therapists Network
   "The typical American Diet...consisting of...FLOUR, the Primary Reason the Colon becomes so Unhealthy...which can Lead to SERIOUS Weight and Health Problems.
   The (Abnormal) Colon depicted below (See their Website) is Characteristic to a Person who consumes Mixed-Cooked Foods, including ANY AVERAGE AMOUNT of MEAT and STARCHES."

Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D., President, "Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine"
   "...Meat, Dairy and Eggs...Do Us In...Doctors know the Routine Casualtites (Deaths) as Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes and Obesity.
   Our Best Prescription lies in Changing Our Diets."
Prescribed Diet Change - Change to Oil-Free, Vegan Diet (No Animal Products)

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

BACK to EDEN Diet - Back to Looking Young - Again *like Age 30s*

1939 - 1st Picture of Reversing Aging - Naturally - By a Change in Diet  


Jethro Kloss, Diet Researcher:
   "...a Diet of Acid Forming FOODS and Combinations (ALL Animal Products, Oils, Grain Products/Food) Causes Waste Matter in the System, which in turn Causes Wrinkles and makes us Look Old.
have Seen just as Radical a Change in a Person as You See in the Picture...after (Eating only the *Garden of Eden* Foods - Fruit, Nuts, Greens, Vegetables) to CLEANSE the Intestinal Tract
   The Change was so Great...People who knew him said that he Looked 20 Years Younger
   I have Seen this done Many Times."

The Picture is from the book, "Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss, a Diet Researcher, first published in 1939, still in print and can be ordered from bookstores or 
   The title Back to Eden refers to a Change in Diet to Eating only the Garden of Eden Foods.

Dr. Herbert Shelton, N.D., Author "Superior Nutrition"

"In Fresh Fruit, Greens, Vegetables and Nuts are ALL of
the Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins and other Substances
the Human Body needs to BRING it to a State of Physical
Perfection and to MAINTAIN it in this State Indefinitely."

Note: Medical Research and Diet Researchers have
*Proved* that Animal Products, Oils and Grain Products
Cause the Body to Get Fat, Sick and Look Old.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

What Do the Letters YH W H (YH & H) Mean in the Hebrew Language? 

Hebrew is written from Right to Left. In Hebrew "YH W H" is "H & HY" or "H W HY".
The Hebrew letters are in Christian Churches today throughout Europe:
1. Church in Digne, France   2. La Celle Dunoise, France   3. Catholic Basilica, Lyons, France

Initials for the Names of the Heavenly Parents in Hebrew - YH W H - YH & H
In Hebrew - YH W H is Pronounced Yod He' vav He' (Hay)

YH - Pronounced "Yod He'* the Name of the Heavenly Father
 W - Pronounced *vav* is a Copulative Conjunction meaning "and" (&).
  H - Pronounced *He'* (Hay), Hera in Greek, the Name of the Heavenly Mother
       The Name of the Heavenly Mother Hera's Daughter in Latin is Heva 
          The Latin Name Heva in Spanish is Eva, in English Eve.

Ancient Hebrew is the Language - The Heavenly Parents Yod He' & He' (Hera)
they Created
and Used to Talk to their Son Adam and Daughter Eve (Heva).

Adam and Eve/Heva: "They heard the Voices of YH W H (Yod He' & He'/Hera)
in the Garden of Eden about the breezy part of the day."
- Genesis 3:8
   (English Bible Versions erroneously translate YH W H as God)

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

W - Pronounced vav (waw) - Copulative Conjunction Meaning "and" (&)

Aid to Bible Understanding - Watchtower Society Publication (1971)
   "The simple Hebrew W "waw" is employed as a Conjunction meaning, basically, "and".

Encyclopaedia Judaica, Hebrew Grammar
   "...Conjunctions such as W (waw) which Join Words."

Random House Unabridged Dictionary
   "Copulative: (Grammar 2c) Serving to Connect Nouns, etc., a Copulative Conjunction."

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

YH - Yod He' - The "DIVINE" Name of The Heavenly Father

Hebrew - Encyclopaedia Judaica
: "...the DIVINE Name...Yod He'.."

Hebrew King David - Psalms 68:4
   "Sing You to God, make Melody to His Name as Yod He' (YH) which is His Name".
(The Hebrew YH translated JaH)
English Bible Versions translated the Hebrew letters YH as JH with the letter a inserted
creating the word JaH. The letter a represents the Hebrew word adonai meaning Lord.
   Psalms 68:4 - The New World Translation (NWT) Large Print Edition (1984)
Footnote: "Jah (Hebrew YaH). YaH is the First Half of the Tetragrammaton, YH W H."
    The Greek word Tetragrammaton means "4 Letters". Tetra means 4.

Hebrew King Solomon - Song of Solomon 8:6
   "...Love is the Flame of Yod He' (YH)..."
(The Hebrew YH translated JaH)
   The New World Translation 1984 Large Print Edition Footnote says: 
"Jah" (YaH/YH) This is the only place in The Song of Solomon where the DIVINE Name occurs."

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The MERCIFUL Heavenly Father
    Mercy: "To NOT Inflict Pain or Punishment on an Offender" Oxford American Dictionary

Moses (1513 BCE)
   "Your God is a Merciful God." - Deuteronomy 4:31, the Torah, the Bible

Jesus (30 CE)
   "Your Father is Merciful.
"Love Your Enemies and Prove Yourselves Children of Your Father in Heaven
 because HE is Kind to the Unthankful and Wicked"
- Luke 6:35, 36 the Bible

Muhammad (621 CE)
   "Allah (God) the Merciful" - Surah 1:1, the Qu'ran/Koran

Note: Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were the Cousin Descendants of the Hebrew Man Abraham. They had the Same Ancestor Abraham, who was a Descendant of Adam and Eve.
   Moses, Jesus and Muhammad ALL Said the Male Creator, the Heavenly Father, is Merciful.

Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were Descendants of Abraham, also Adam and Eve who said their Heavenly Parents - Identified themselves as their Father/Male *YH & H* Female/Mother.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

H - He' (Hera in Greek) - The Name of the Heavenly Mother 
Hebrew Descendants of Adam and Eve had different Titles for The Heavenly Mother.
Her Symbol was the Dove.
* Queen of Heaven (Jeremiah 44:15)
* Beloved Mate/Wife of the Heavenly Father (King Solomon - Proverbs 8:30)
* Master Worker (King Solomon - Proverbs 8:30)
* Mother - Jerusalem Above (Isaiah 65:10-13; Apostle Paul - Galatians 4:26)
* Comforter (Isaiah 65:13)
* Holy Spirit (Jesus/YesHuaH - John 14:25; Peter - Acts 1:8)   
* Holy Spirit, Beloved (Matthew 3:16, 17; Mark 9:7; Luke 3:22; John 1:32)
  She said: "This is the Son of Me, the Beloved" - Manuscript No. 1209 in the Vatican Library

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The Heavenly Mother - H - (He', Hera) - The *Beloved* Mate and Master Worker
King Solomon was Inspired by the Heavenly Mother to Write Her account of Creation, which today is the Bible book of Proverbs:
    "...Yod He' (YH) created Me long ago as the First of His Creation...and I came to be beside Him as a *Master Worker*...and I am His Beloved." - Proverbs 8:30
     Proverbs 8:30 is cross referenced in Bibles to Genesis 1:26 saying:
YH W H or YH & H said: "Let Us* make Man in Our Likeness...Male & Female..."

Encyclopaedia Judaica:
   "Wisdom is Personified as a Woman in (Proverbs) Chapter 8 where SHE speaks."
Aid to Bible Understanding:
   "Wisdom is Personalized in the book of Proverbs, depicted there as a WOMAN."
Insight on the Scriptures:
   "The basic terms signifying Wisdom are the Hebrew chokhmah and the Greek Sophia."

Wisdom/Hokmah/Sophia - Feminine Images of the Divine in Second Temple Judaism:
"The first century CE Jewish Philosopher Philo (20 BCE - 50 CE) would Masculinize Wisdom, by Replacing the Feminine Sophia with the Masculine Logos as God's Partner in Creation."

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Hebrew History - Over 300 Years Worship of The Heavenly Mother "Queen of Heaven"
1037 - 659 BCE - During the Reign of King Solomon of Israel (1037 BCE - 997 BCE) and for
over 300 Years afterward, the Heavenly Mother called the "Queen of the Heavens" was
Worshipped in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas of Judea.
659 BCE - King Josiah became King in Jerusalem - Stopped Heavenly Mother Worship
King Josiah wanted to End the Worship of the Heavenly Mother. He Commanded the People to Not Worship Her, and sent the prophet Jeremiah to give the People his Command. The People Rebelled, saying:
    "...we are Not Listening to You; but we shall positively Worship the Queen of the Heavens...just as we ourselves and our Forefathers, our Kings and our Princes did in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem." Jeremiah 44:16, 17

659 CE - Hebrew Heavenly Mother Worship - From Israel to Greece

Jews of the Tribe of Benjamin who wanted to continue to Worship the Heavenly Mother the "Queen of the Heavens" left Jerusalem and went to Greece.
   "...many of the Benjamites left their country, fleeing in Phoenician ships. It is believed that the Phoenicians also worshipped the Mother Goddess in the form of Astarte, and that the Benjamites revered the same Deity. The relevant question, however, is where did the Benjamites go?
    In Greek myth, in the legend of the son of King Belus, one Danaus (Hebrew) arrives in Greece with his Daughters by ship. His Daughters are said to have Introduced the Worship of the Mother Goddess (Hebrew - "Hera") which became the established religion of the (Greek) Arcadians. According to Robert Graves, the Danaus myth records the arrival in the Peloponneus of 'colonists from Palestine'.
    The Merovingians (French Kings) were descended, via Arcadia, from the Tribe of Benjamin."

Greece - Jews of the Tribe of Benjamin and Greeks built Temples to Worship the Heavenly Mother.
600 BCE The Temple in Olympia Greece was Dedicated to *Hera* the Name of the Heavenly Mother.
   The Hebrews called Her Name *He'*, the Greeks pronounced it *Hera*.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * 

From Heavenly Parents - YH W H - Yod He' (YH & H) He' - Hera
to A Single Male "God" - YaHWeH, YeHoWaH, JeHoVaH

537 BCE -
"It was in the days of Ezra the Priest that the Scribes, or Sopherim, first began to come into prominence as a distinct group.
    In 134 passages, according to the Sopherim, they changed the...Hebrew text (YH W H) to read Adhonay. In other passages 'Elohim was the word used as a Substitute."

- "Aid to Bible Understanding" Encyclopedia SCRIBE page 1458
Hebrew Vowel Points - Meanings
a for adonai or adhonay meaning "Lord"
e, o for elohim meaning "God"

Variations of Vowel Pointed YH W H
Hebrew: YaH, YaHWeH, YeHWaH, YeHoWaH
English: JaH, JeHoVaH (Y translated as J, W translated as V)
Latin: IeHoUaH (Y translated as I, W translated as U)

JeHoVaH - English Man-Made Name (J H V H English, YH W H Hebrew)
J  H  V  H plus Vowel Points e, o for elohim, a for

Jehovah's Witnesses - Watchtower Society Publication
"The Divine Name that will Endure Forever" (1984):
    "Jewish Scholars (the Masoretes)...invented a System of Points...Vowel Signs to Remind the Reader that he should say 'Adonai (Lord)...From this came the spelling IeHoUaH (in Latin) and eventually JeHoVaH became the accepted pronunciation of the Divine Name in English.
    In 1611 what became the most widely used English translation, the Authorized Version (King James Version) was published. In this, the name (JeHoVaH) appeared four times in the main text (Exodus 6:3; Psalms 83:18; Isaiah 12:2; 26:4) "JaH" appeared in Psalms 68:4. However, the translators in most instances Substituted "Lord" or "God" (for YH W H)".

Encyclopedia Brittanica (15th Edition): "The Masoretes, Jewish Biblical Scholars of the Middle Ages, replaced the Vowel Signs that had appeared above or beneath the Consonants of YHWH with the Vowel Signs of adonai or of elohim. Thus the Artificial Name JeHoVaH came into being."

Encyclopaedia Judaica: "In the early Middle Ages, when the Consonantal text of the Bible was supplied with Vowel Points for 'Adonai with one variation - a sheva with the first yod of YHWH instead of hataf-patah under the aleph of 'Adonai were used for YHWH...producing the form YeHoWaH.
    When Christian Scholars of Europe first began to study Hebrew, they did not understand what this really meant, and they produced the Hybrid Name JeHoVaH." (JaH)

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The Name Jesus/YesHuaH "YH & H Rescues"

The English name Jesus in Hebrew is "YesHuaH" meaning "YH & H Rescues". The Hebrew letters "YH W H" represent the Heavenly Parents "YH & H" who Jesus/YesHuaH called "Our Father" the Most High and "Our Mother" the Holy Spirit.
   In Hebrew, the letter "W" is a Copulative Conjunction meaning "and" (&).

"Jesus” is a transliteration, occurring in a number of languages and based on the Latin Iesus, of the Greek Ἰησοῦς (Iēsoûs), itself a Hellenisation of the Hebrew יהושע (Yehoshua) or Hebrew-Aramaic ישוע (Yeshua), meaning “YHWH Rescues”. Reference:

30-33 CE - Jesus/YesHuaH tried to Restore the Worship of the "King & Queen of the Heavens" the Heavenly Parents he called "Our Father" the Most High and "Our Mother" the Holy Spirit.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The "Kingdom of the Heavens"

Jesus/YesHuaH said he was sent by the Loving Heavenly Parents to teach people the difference between them, and their Spirit Son Satan  "...the One called Devil and Satan who is Misleading the entire Earth." 
   "A Revelation by Jesus" - Revelation 1:1; 12:9

The King & Queen of Heaven  - The Creators of Life           
The Loving Heavenly *Parents* - Created the *Age Defying Body* to Live Forever Young 
Gave their "Garden of Eden" Diet Instructions to Eat only Fruit, Nuts, Greens, Vegetables  
Gave their "Golden Rule" Instructions for Peace to People at different Times in History

The Heavenly Parents - Spirit Son "Satan"- The Destroyer of Life
Spoke to Humans - Called himself "God" - Wants People to Believe He is The Heavenly Father
Gave a Change in Diet Instructions to Eating Meat and Bread - Caused the Body to Get Sick, Age, Die
Noah: "Meat may Serve as Food for You...the Life Span will be 120 Years." - Genesis 6:3; 9:3
Moses: "You Must Eat Meat and Bread" - Exodus 12:8; Deuteronomy 16:3
Gave Moses the Mosaic Law - Commanding Lawbreakers be Killed/Stoned to Death

Jesus/YesHuaH told his Fellow Jews: "You do the things (Moses) heard from the Devil.
    That One is a Manslayer. When he speaks, he speaks according to his own Disposition."
The One called Devil and Satan who is MISLEADING the entire Earth."
    "A Revelation by Jesus." - 
John 8:38, 44' Revelation 12:9

The Apostle Paul: "...the One Causing Death...that is the Devil." - Hebrews 2:14

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

SATAN's BIOGRAPHY - The Invisible "God" of Death, War, Killing

Throughout History...the Descendants of Adam and Eve including Moses, Jesus and Muhammad have Warned People about about Satan, the Spirit Son of the Heavenly Parents.

Moses (1513 BCE)
   "Now it came to be the day when the Sons of the true God entered to take their station before God, and even Satan proceeded to enter right among them...
   Satan Struck Job with a Malignant Boil from the Sole of his Foot to the Crown of his Head..."

Job 1:6, 2:7 written by Moses

Satan also Caused Job's Children and Animals to be Killed.   
   Note: Satan Killed...but Job thought "God" the Heavenly Father...had done the Killing!
Job said: "...God has Taken Away...are we to Accept merely what is Good from the True God and Not Accept also what is BAD?" - Job 1:21; 2:10

Isaiah (732 BCE)
    "O how You have Fallen from Heaven, You Shining One - Son of the Dawn! - As for You, You have said in Your Heart:
    "I shall make Myself appear to be the Most High (Heavenly Father)."
- Isaiah 14:12-14

Ezekiel (591 BCE)
   "In Eden, the Garden of God, you Proved to be...You are the Anointed Cherub...your Heart has become Haughty and You keep saying: 
   "I am a God. In the Seat of God I have Seated myself."
- Ezekiel 28:2, 13

Jesus (30 CE) - Satan vs The Heavenly Father
   "A Revelation by Jesus...The One called Devil and Satan who is MISLEADING the Entire Inhabited Earth...that One is a MANSLAYER...when he SPEAKS, he SPEAKS according to His OWN Disposition." - John 8:38, 44; Revelation 1:1; 12:9
    The Heavenly Father:
"Love Your Enemies and Prove Yourselves Sons of the Most High because HE is KIND to the Unthankful and Wicked...Continue becoming Merciful, just as Your Heavenly Father is Merciful." - Matthew 5:43-45; Luke 6:35, 36

Apostle Paul (55 CE)
    "...the One having the Means to CAUSE DEATH...that is the DEVIL...
Satan keeps Transforming himself into an Angel of Light"
- Hebrews 2:14; 1 Corinthians 11:14

James, the Brother of Jesus (62 CE)
   "When under Trial, let No One say: 'I am being Tested by God'.
For with Evil things God/the Heavenly Father does NOT Test Anyone."
- James 1:13

Apostle John (98 CE)
   The Apostle John wrote the Bible Books of Revelation and the Books of John - 1,2,3 John.

Note: Revelation is NOT the Last Chronological Book of the Bible

   96 CE - Revelation - Written while John was a Prisoner on the Island of Patmos
   98 CE - John - 1,2,3, John - Written by John in Ephesus - 2 Years after Revelation   

The Books of John with their Messages of Love, are the Chronological Last Books of the Bible.
   "Do NOT Believe every Inspired Expression, but Test the Inspired Expressions to see whether they ORIGINATE with God...or the Devil...
    This is How we Test the Inspired Expressions...LOVE is from God (The Heavenly Father), and Everyone who Loves has been born from God and gains the Knowledge of God.
    He that does Not Love has Not come to Know God, the Father, because God is Love...
1 John 4:1:-8

The Prophet Muhammad (621 CE)
   "Satan Alone, Commands You to Commit Evil" - Surah 2:169, Qu'ran/Koran

Anyone who "Kills" in the "Name of God" is doing what the "God of Death", Satan wants.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The Heavenly Parents *Golden Rule* for Peace in the Home, Community, Country, World


The *Golden Rule* in the United Nations Building
A Mosaic of this Painting called "Do Unto Others' by the American artist Norman Rockwell, based on "The Golden Rule" in the Bible, is in the United Nations Building.

Moses (Jews) Old Testament - Leviticus 19:18
  "You Must Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" 

Jesus (Christians) New Testament - Matthew 7:12; 19:19
    "You Must Love Your Neighbor as Yourself"
"Do Unto Others, as You would have them, Do Unto You"
   "Love Your Enemies...and be Sons of Our Father
in the Heavens, because HE is Kind to the Unthankful
and Wicked."
- Luke 6:35

Muhammad (Muslims) Last Sermon
"ALL of Mankind comes from Adam and Eve...Hurt No One, that No One may Hurt You..."

Throughout History, in every Major Religion and Philosophy, is the Same *Golden Rule" for Behavior that Men said they Received by *Divine* Inspiration or Enlightenment.
   See our page *The Golden Rule* for a List of Religions, Quotes and References. 

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

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