Fruit Diet Stories - People Eating Only Ripe Fruits

Health Warning - Need Gradual "Transition" to Eating Only Fruit
See Information below by Professor Arnold Ehret, Diet Researcher


Fruitarian Anne Osborne - Enjoys Fruit-Only Diet for 17 Years
Anne Eats only the Highest Quality, Ripe, Sweet Organically-Grown Fruit


2009 - Age 42 - Lived in England - Now Australia
Her Book: "Fruitarianism, the Path to Paradise"
Her Website:
"...the Garden of Eden...must have been a Fruit Orchard...the Diet of Paradise is not only possible - good enough for a degenerate mankind...but that it is the Unconditional Necessity and the first step to real salvation and redemption from the misery of life. That it is a needed key to the lost Paradise where disease, worry and sorrow-hate, fight and murder were unknown, and where there was no death...Eat your way into Paradise physically." - Arnold Ehret, Author "Mucusless Diet Healing System"

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Fruitarian Anne

May 2009 - Audio Interview with Frederic Patenaude

Anne's Daily Routine
Exercises before Breakfast
Example of Foods throughout Day
Black Grapes
Plantain (Banana)

After many years of eating only fruit - Anne says her body will tell her what it needs, by her feeling a craving for certain fruits. By eating the fruits her body is craving, she is able to enjoy perfect health!

Anne learned how to "transition" to becoming a fruitarian by reading books on the subject, including the book, "Mucusless Diet Healing System" by Arnold Ehret. .

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Fruitarian Arnold Ehret - Author "Mucusless Diet Healing System"


Arnold's Story: After being diagnosed by his doctors as having terminal kidney disease, Arnold decided to change his diet, making a "transition" to eventually eating only fruit for. After a change in diet, his body restored itself to excellent health.

He opened a Health Resort in Switzerland and taught his "Transition Diet" to thousands of people. His years of observations and expert conclusions about diet are in his book, "Mucusless Diet Healing System".

He is also the Author of the book, "Rational Fasting" including the chapter on "The Fundamental Cause of Growing Old and Ugly" (Eating Foods other than Fruit, Greens and Vegetables)

Arnold: "What a wonderfully Healthy COLOR we could have if our diet consisted of GRAPES, CHERRIES and ORANGES, etc., and our Hobbies of Outdoor Activities."

Warning!! - *Transition* to Eating Only Fruit! - 1st More Vegetables than Fruit

Arnold discovered that a quick change in diet - could create serious health problems. He suggested that people start their "transition" by eating more vegetables than fruit. Then, after the body had eliminated excess fat, toxins, and the intestinal tract was cleaned of accumulated mucoid (food) plaque, it would do well on eating just fruit.

: "Fruit acid dissolves waste and forms gases; fruit sugar ferments in the waste and stirs it up, also forming gases. Both eliminate and for this reason it can become harmful if they work too intensively. It is therefore advisable to use raw regetables as a "broom" more frequently. (To clean the intestinal tract)

Only one kind of cooked vegetable should be used at one meal. It may be eaten either cold or warm, and mixed with green salads and raw vegetables. If cabbage, carrots, turnips, beets, cauliflower, onions, etc., are slowly stewed in a very little water, or best, if carefully baked, they become sweeter...and the mineral salts are not destroyed and not extracted. This is in fact an improvement and not a waste.

In winter canned foods may be used as a substitute for fresh ones. I differ from the Raw Foodists is of more importance that the patient should and shall enjoy his change of diet during the - transition - until his tastes and conditions have improved.

The ideal and at the same time most natural method of eating for man is one kind of fresh fruit, in season, and you will soon notice after you have been living on the transition diet for awhile, that you will feel more satisfied and in fact are better nourished with one kind of fruit...This condidtion cannot of course take place until your body is perfectly clean."

Note: Arnold was an excellent example of the benefits of the *Garden of Eden* Diet he recommended. He was in excellent health and looked many years younger than Age 56 when he died. He was in Los Angeles, California giving successful lectures on his "Mucusless Diet Healing System". One evening after a lecture, he was in a hurry to catch the train, when he fell, hitting his head on the curb of the street. He died shortly thereafter from a skull fracture and brain injury.

Arnold Ehret's books are still in print, providing *proven* ways to transition to the *Garden of Eden* Diet that helps the *Age Defying Body* to restore and maintain itself in excellent health, also to naturally reverse aging and stay younger-looking than the chronological age.

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