The Heavenly Mother - The Holy Spirit

Eve was Created in the "likeness" of her Heavenly Mother - Forever Young and Beautiful















                                                                Picture of Eve by Jonathon Earl Bowser

Name of the Heavenly Mother - He' (Hebrew) Hera (Greek)

In Hebrew, the name of the Heavenly Mother is He', Hera in Greek.
   The Heavenly Parent's name for their human Daughter was like her Mother's.
Heavenly Mother He'/Hera - Daughter He'va (Latin) Eva (Spanish) Eve (English)

The Heavenly Mother He'/Hera gave Her daughter He'va/Eve, in the "Garden of Eden", Diet Instructions on what to Eat that would Help her Body to Stay Alive, Young and Healthy.

YH W H, or YH & H (He'/Hera) said: " You let it serve as Food... take Eat and Live Forever Young." - Genesis 1:29; 3:22

Note: English translations of the Hebrew text, erroneously translated YH W H as God. 
  Genesis 1:29 in English translations reads: "God said..." instead of "YH W H (YH & H) said..."

The letters YH W H in Hebrew, represented the the Names of the Heavenly Parents of Adam and Eve.
YH pronounced Yod He' (hay) the Name of their Heavenly Father.
  H pronounced He', Hera in Greek, the Name of their Heavenly Mother.
The letter W in Hebrew is a Copulative Conjunction meaning "and" (&).

The Hebrew descendants of Adam and Eve called their Heavenly Mother "Our Mother" giving Her the title "Ruahh Hakodesh", words of Feminine Gender translated "Holy Spirit" in English.

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Jesus/YesHuaH: "Your Heavenly Mother Loves You - Very Great is Her Love"

The Heavenly Mother's Diet Instructions...would Help Her Beloved Human Children...Adam, Eve and their Descendants of the Human Race to Stay Alive on Earth, Healthy and Young *like Age 30s* Age 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 100s+...for Endless/Everlasting Life...Forever Young...

This was Jesus' Message, his name "YesHuaH" in Hebrew meaning "YH & H Rescues".
   The Hebrew letters YH W H or YH & H represented the Heavenly Parents of Adam and Eve who YesHuaH called "Our Father" the Most High and "Our Mother" the Holy Spirit.
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Jesus/YesHuaH: "This is the Will of them who sent me...Our Father and Our Mother the Holy Spirit...
that People should Not Die...but Live Forever Young..."
- John 3:16, 17; 6:39, 40
   Eat always from the Heavenly Parents table (Genesis 1:29 - Vegetation, Fruit) which GIVE YOUTH
and You will Live Forever Young...
   ...other Diet Instructions ("Eat Bread"; "Eat Meat") are from Satan and Lead by Disease to Death."
Excerpts from the "Essene Gospel" in the Catholic Vatican Library Archives

In the "Gospel of the Hebrews", written by the Followers of Jesus that was Collected by the early Catholic Church and stored for Centuries in the Vatican Library Archives in Rome, Jesus called the "Holy Spirit" his "Mother", "Our Mother". The Internet Wikipedia (Quick) Encyclopedia says: 
    "One of the unique features of the its reference to the Holy Spirit as being Jesus' Mother...the word "Spirit" in Hebrew (Ruahh Hakodesh) is of the Feminine Gender...
   Within Judaism...they called the Spirit the 'Mother'."

In the "Essene Gospel of Peace" Jesus/YesHuaH said about the Heavenly Mother:
   "Your Mother Loves You, very Great is Her Love...
From One Mother proceeds ALL that Lives upon the Earth. He who Kills, Kills his Brother."

Note: In the "Essene Gospel", after Jesus/YesHuaH told people to pray to "Our Father" in Heaven (the Bible account at Matthew 6:9, 10) he then told people to also pray to "Our Mother", the Holy Spirit.

Neither Mary, the Mother of Jesus/YesHuaH nor Mary Magdalene were the Heavenly Mother incarnate.
    Both Jesus' Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene were alive when Jesus/YesHuaH gave instructions for everyone, including them, to pray to "Our Father" in Heaven and "Our Mother" the Holy Spirit.

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Bible Miracles - The Holy Spirit - Heavenly "Mother" - Who HEALS Her Beloved Children

Jesus/YesHuaH told his Apostles that the Miracles of Healing, witnessed and documented by them in the Bible, would be done by the Heavenly Mother, "Our Mother", the Holy Spirit.

"...You will Receive Power when the Holy Spirit (Our Mother) arrives... the Multitude from the cities around Jerusalem kept coming together, bearing Sick People and they would ALL be Healed." 
   "You will Receive Power from on High..." - Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8, 5:16

About Jesus/YesHuaH ("YH & H Rescues") and the Healing Miracles, people said: 
    "...such Powerful Works performed THOUGH his hands." - Mark 6:2    

Healing Miracles from the "Kingdom of the Heavens" Our Father YH & H Our Mother "Rescues"
   The King of Heaven "Our Father" - Resurrected the Dead - Brought them Back to Life
   The Queen of Heaven "Our Mother" - Healed the Sick - Reversed Aging

"Flesh and Bones are at Once made Young again..."

The Heavenly Mother - Reversed Aging
   She Wanted to See Her Human Daughters - Young Again like they were Lovingly Created to be.
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To Jews, the Heavenly Parents were called the "King" (YH & H) "Queen of the Heavens".
   "...we will worship the Queen of the Heavens...just as we ourselves and our Forefathers, our Kings and our Princes did in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem." Jeremiah 44:15-19
When Jesus sent out the Apostles to Help with the Healing Miracles, he told them:
   "As you go, say: 'The Kingdom of the Heavens has drawn near..
Cure Sick People, Raise Up (Resurrect) Dead Persons..."
Matthew 10:7, 8 

The Resurrection of Lazarus - "Jesus/YesHuaH raised his eyes to Heaven and said:
   "Father, I thank you that you have heard me. True, I know that you always hear me, but on account of the crowd standing around I spoke, in order that they might know that YOU sent me forth."
    And when he had said these things, he cried out with a loud voice:
"Lazarus, come on out!" - Lazarus, who had been dead for 4 Days, came out."
- John 11:41-44

Jesus/YesHuaH - The Resurrection Prophecy: "Do not marvel at this, the time is coming in which ALL of the dead will hear HIS voice, the voice of "Our Father", and come out." - John 5:28, 59
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The Holy Spirit - The Heavenly Mother - The "Comforter" Who Comforts Her Beloved Children

In the Concordance of the King James Version of the Bible, under "Comforter" are references to Scriptures about the "Holy Spirit" who Jesus/YesHuaH called "Our Mother".

Centuries before Jesus/YesHuaH and his Apostles...Isaiah, and other Jews, called the "Holy Spirit", the "Heavenly Mother" and the "Comforter".

Like the English name Jesus, the Latin name Isaiah in Hebrew is also "YesHuaH" meaning "YH & H Rescues". Both Jesus and Isaiah spoke about the Heavenly Mother.

778 BCE - Isaiah/YesHuaH 66:10-11: "Rejoice and be Joyful with Her, all You Lovers of Her...for the reason that You will suck and certainly get Satisfaction from the Breast of Comfort by Her, for the reason that You will sip and experience Exquisite Delight from the Teat of Her Glory.
   For this is what (She) has said: "Like a Man whom his own Mother keeps Comforting, so I myself shall keep Comforting You People."
   The Heavenly Mother was also called the "Jerusalem Above". The Apostle Paul:
"The Jerusalem above...She is Our Mother." Galatians 4:26

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History of Hebrew Worship - The Loving Heavenly Parents or Their Spirit Son Satan

4000 BCE - The Heavenly Creators of Adam and Eve
identifed themselves as their Heavenly Parents using 4 Letters or Initials "YH W H" or "YH & H" to represent their Names - Father "YH" pronounced Yod He' (hay) and Mother "H" pronounced He' (hay) Hera in Greek.
   The letter "W" in Hebrew is a Copulative Conjunction meaning "and" (&).
The Heavenly Parents of Adam and Eve, lovingly designed their Body to Live Forever Young, telling them to Eat only the "Garden of Eden" Foods they Created for them: Fruit, Nuts, Greens, Vegetables.
The Heavenly Parents Loved their Son Adam and Daughter Eve who they Lovingly Created...and Loved their Children and Descendants of the Human Race, their Beloved Human Family.
    The Loving Heavenly Parents did NOT...Harm, nor Kill...any Body.

1500 BCE - Moses started the worship of a Single Male "God" who Changed Diet Instructions to Eating Meat and Bread, the Passover Diet Instructions. Those Foods caused the Body to Grow Old and Die.
    Moses' "God" gave Laws that must be Obeyed, and if not, he ordered that People be Killed.
Jesus said Moses "God" of Death, was Satan - the Spirit Son of the Heavenly Parents.

1000 BCE - King Solomon was Inspired by the Heavenly Mother to write Her Account of Creation, which he did, and today is the Bible book of Proverbs.
    Garden areas in front of the temple in Jerusalem, were designated for worship of the Heavenly Mother. Areas were designated by sacred wooden poles upon which Doves would sit.

The Dove became the Hebrew Symbol for the Peaceful Presence of the Heavenly Mother, called in Hebrew the "Ruach or Ruahh Hakodesh", in English the "Holy Spirit".
    During the reign of King Solomon the National Religion of the 12 Tribes of Israel was the worship of the Heavenly Parents, the Heavenly Father and Mother, called the "Queen of Heaven". 
    (The Jewish People stopped worshipping the Single, Male "God" of Moses)

997 BCE - King Rehoboam, Solomon's son inherited the throne after his death, and continued the worship of the Heavenly Parents, the King & Queen of the Heavens.
    The 12 Tribes of Israel - Split over Who to Worship.

2 Tribes - Judah and Benjamin                10 Tribes in North
Heavenly "Parents" Father & Mother             Moses' Single Male "God"

King Solomon's temple was in Jerusalem, the city in the territory belonging to the Tribe of Benjamin.
    For Over 300 Years in Jerusalem the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin worshipped the
Heavenly *Parents* - the *King & Queen of the Heavens* - The Heavenly *Mother* - The *Holy Spirit*.
659 BCE - King Josiah - Stopped the Worship of the Heavenly Mother
    King Josiah wanted to Reunite the 12 Tribes of Israel in the worship of the "God" of Moses.
He invited the 10 Northern tribes to come back to Jerusalem and resume worship there.
    He told the People of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin to Stop worshipping the Heavenly Mother.
They Rebelled, saying: "...we will worship the Queen of the Heavens...just as we ourselves and our Forefathers, our Kings and our Princes did in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem." Jeremiah 44:15-19
   (The Religion of the Nation of Israel again was the worship of the Single, Male "God" of Moses)

HERA - The Hebrew Heavenly Mother - Worshipped in Greece

600 BCE - The Hebrews/Jews of the Tribe of Benjamin (the City of Jerusalem was in their Territory) who wanted to continue to Worship the Heavenly Mother the "Queen of the Heavens" left Jerusalem and went to Greece
    "...many of the Benjamites left their country, fleeing in Phoenician ships. It is believed that the Phoenicians also worshipped the Mother Goddess in the form of Astarte, and that the Benjamites revered the same Deity. The relevant question, however, is where did the Benjamites go?
    In Greek myth, in the legend of the son of King Belus, one Danaus (Hebrew) arrives in Greece with his Daughters by ship. His Daughters are said to have Introduced the Worship of the Mother Goddess (Hebrew - "Hera") which became the established religion of the (Greek) Arcadians. According to Robert Graves, the Danaus myth records the arrival in the Peloponneus of 'colonists from Palestine'."
- Reference:

In Greece...the exiled Jews of the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin, also the Greek People who also wanted to Worship the Heavenly Mother, built Temples to the Hebrew Heavenly Mother "He'" (pronounced "Hera" in Greek) like the Columns of King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem.

Temple of Hera, Olympia, Greece

The Temple in Olympia Greece was Dedicated to *Hera* the Name of the Heavenly Mother.
   The Hebrews called Her Name *He'*, the Greeks pronounced it *Hera*.
   "The Temple of Hera (or Heraion) is the oldest of the structures at Olympia, and the earliest monumental temple in Greece, built about 600 BC. The original columns for the Heraion were of wood, but they were eventually replaced with marble." 

Name "Hera" Not of Greek Origin
   "Her name is not traceable to any Greek roots..."
   "Because the name Hera is not actually a Greek name much speculation has been done regarding where the concept of Hera originated ..." 

Ancient Statue of Hera - Hebrew Heavenly Mother - Queen of the Heavens

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30 - 33 CE - Jesus/YesHuaH - Restored Worship of the Heavenly "Mother" Holy Spirit
   Ended the Mosaic Law and Worship of Moses' "God" of Death
"...the One called Devil and Satan who is Misleading the entire Earth." - Revelation 12:9

Jesus/YesHuaH "YH & H Rescues"              Pharisee Followers of Moses
Worshipped the Heavenly "Parents"               Worshipped Moses' "God" of Death
Our Father (YH & H) Our Mother                    Single Male "God" Ordered Killing/Stoning

Jesus was a Descendant of King Solomon, who wanted to Restore Worship of the Loving Heavenly *Parents* who he called "Our Father" and "Our Mother" the Holy Spirit.
    Jesus/YesHuaH ("YH & H Rescues") said he was sent by the Heavenly Parents to give People their Loving Message: 
   "This is the Will of them who sent me...that People should Not Die but Live Forever Young."
John 3:16, 17: 6:39, 40, the Bible

In the Presence of Jesus/YesHuaH and his Apostles, the Loving Heavenly Father and Mother: 
   Healed the Sick * Reversed Aging * Resurrected, Brought Dead Loved Ones - Back to Life

The Heavenly Parents Resurrected Jesus/YesHuaH ("YH & H Rescues") 
   Apostle Paul: "We are declaring to you the Good News about the promise made the the forefathers, that YH W H (YH & H) have entirely fulfilled it to us THEIR children in that they resurrected Jesus."
- Acts 13:32, 33 - "THEIR" Children is in the King James Translation and New World Translation

After the Resurrection of Jesus/YesHuaH - 500 People Saw His Body - Healed and Healthy
    Jesus/YesHuaH: "See my Hands and my Feet...Feel me and See, because
a Spirit does Not have Flesh and Bones just as you behold that I have."
- Luke 24:39
    5,000 People became Believers in The Resurrection Prophecy - Acts 4:4, 1 Corinthians 15:6

Moses "God" of Death vs Jesus/YesHuaH ("YH & H Rescues") and the Loving Heavenly Parents

Followers of Jesus/YesHuaH left the Religion of Moses, Stopped worshipping Moses' "God" of Death.
   They started a Personal Relationship with the Loving Heavenly Parents, "Our Father" the Most High and "Our Mother" the Holy Spirit.

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Non-Christian Origin of Catholic/Protestant Doctrine of the Male Holy Spirit

381 CE - Pagan Roman Emperor Theodosious decreed the Holy Spirit to be Male
    Theodosius' Male "Trinity" that he made up was God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Reference - Catholic Encyclopedia "New Advent" 

The Latin-Speaking Roman Emperor Theodosius was a Pagan, not a Christian, who did not know the Teachings of Jesus nor did he Understand the Hebrew Language, when he Decreed the Holy Spirit to be Male
   The Roman Emperor's "Trinity" Decree was Religious Law throughout the Roman Empire.
In order for the Pope in Rome to keep his Position as Leader of the Roman Church, he had to Obey the Roman Emperor, and Teach the Pagan Emperor's Decree of the Male "Trinity" as Doctrine.
Since the 381 CE "Trinity" Decree of Pagan Roman Emperor Theodosius, the Catholic Church has taught the Male Holy Spirit as Doctrine, which was later Adopted by Protestant Churches.

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2009 - Internet - Hebrew Language Facts - The Holy Spirit "Mother"

Today Christians Worldwide, and People of other Religions, are Learning the Facts of the Hebrew Language that Jesus/YesHuaH and the Apostles spoke, calling the "Holy Spirit" the "Ruahh Hakodesh" the Loving Heavenly Mother of Adam, Eve and ALL of their Human Race Descendants, "Our Mother".
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The Heavenly Mother - *Me, the Beloved* - Beloved Mate of the Heavenly Father

Marriage of Heaven and Earth by Barbara Getrost

Picture of the "Heavenly Parents" by Barbara Getrost

Catholic Vatican Documents Jesus' Baptism & The Holy Spirit "Mother"

Photo of the Catholic Vatican Library from their website:

The Apostles writings about Jesus were collected, then stored in the Catholic Vatican Library Archives in Rome. The New Testament writings in Greek, were translated and published, called:
   "The Emphatic Diaglott" - The Vatican Manuscript No. 1209 in the Vatican Library

That translation of Jesus' baptism says:
    "...and the Holy Spirit (Heavenly Mother), in a bodily form like a Dove, descended upon him, and there came a Voice (Female Voice, Mother Holy Spirit) from Heaven saying:
    Thou art the Son of *Me the Beloved*, in thee I Delight."
- Luke 3:21, 22

The other Hebrew speaking Apostles of Jesus/YesHuaH also documented hearing the Heavenly Mother, the Holy Spirit speak, referring to Herself as "Me, the Beloved."  
   Matthew 3:16, 17; Mark 1:10, 11; Luke 3:21, 22; John 1:32.
Peter Acts 1:16 - "...the Holy Spirit (Heavenly Mother) spoke..."

"The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures" Published by the Watchtower Society, also presents the original Greek version where the Holy Spirit calls Herself: "Me, the Beloved"
   The English translation was misleadingly changed to saying:
Incorrect Translation: "You are my Son, the beloved; I have approved you."

The Heavenly Mother - "I am His Beloved" - Beloved Mate of The Heavenly Father 

Jesus/YesHuaH was a Descendant of King Solomon who wrote the Bible book of Proverbs, inspired by the Heavenly Mother, the "Queen of the Heavens", the "Holy Spirit".
The Apostles: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter were all Hebrew-speaking Jews, who understood the title "Holy Spirit" in Hebrew "Ruach or Ruahh Hakodesh", meant the "Heavenly Mother".
Jesus/YesHuaH and the Apostles, read King Solomon's book of Proverbs, and knew the Heavenly Mother's account of Her Creation:

"YH (Yod He' the Heavenly Father) created Me long ago as the 1st of His Creation...
   I came to be beside Him as a Master Worker and I am His Beloved."
Proverbs 8:30

Encyclopaedia Judaica:
   "Wisdom is Personified as a Woman in (Proverbs) Chapter 8 where SHE speaks."
Aid to Bible Understanding:
   "Wisdom is Personalized in the book of Proverbs, depicted there as a WOMAN."
Insight on the Scriptures:
   "The basic terms signifying Wisdom are the Hebrew chokhmah and the Greek Sophia."

Wisdom/Hokmah/Sophia - Feminine Images of the Divine in Second Temple Judaism
   "The first century CE Jewish Philosopher Philo (20 BCE - 50 CE) would Masculinize Wisdom,
by Replacing the Feminine Sophia with the Masculine Logos as God's Partner in Creation."

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Jesus' Mother Mary - Not the "Queen of the Heavens"

Neither Mary, the Mother of Jesus, nor Mary Magdalene were the Heavenly Mother incarnate.
   They were both alive on earth, when the Heavenly Mother, the "Queen of the Heavens",
the "Holy Spirit" spoke from heaven, at Jesus' baptism.

Jesus/YesHuaH encouraged everyone, including his Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene,
to have a Personal Relationship with the Loving Heavenly Mother, praying to Her "Our Mother".

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