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Good News for Women!
  The Excerpts are from "Better Than I Ever Expected -
Straight Talk About Sex After 60" by Joan Price

Joan: "(Baby) Boomer Women (Age 40s to 60s+) aren't going to roll over and play asexual after Sixty.
   We're the Love Generation--we can’t be expected to shut the gates once we enter the Golden Age!

Post-Menopausal Angst: Has My Sex Life Ended?
   No, no, no, we’re not retreating now! We were the bold settlers of the new sexual frontier. Many of us threw off our clothing along with the should-nots our parents and society tried to instill in us, while the world watched. 
   Now we have a new frontier to explore Sexual Vitality after Age Sixty, Seventy, and why not Eighty? 
   We’re Offended by Outdated Stereotypes of Asexual Older Women, and we’re not going to hide behind them at this time of our lives.



Sexy Lingerie - Victoria's Secret
   "I want to buy you something," Robert tells me. We head for Victoria's Secret (Store) where he picks out a few garments for me to try on.
   Although no one else in the store looks over twenty-two, no one seems to think it odd that an Over-Sixty Couple is picking out Sexy Underwear... 
   I try on several garments--some silky, some lacy. Not quite right. Then I don a black outfit consisting mostly of fringe.
   "Oh, baby!" Robert says when I open the door and shake my fringe. Decision made. We race for home to take the fringe for a test ride.

After Menopause - Restored Zest for Sex!

Joan Price: I had the privilege of interviewing dozens of women over sixty who were willing to discuss their sexuality, past and present, for my book, Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty (Seal Press, 2006). 
  Bea, 77, is having the best sex of her life with a man thirty years younger. Claire, 66, has fallen in love with a woman she met online, and has relocated to be with her. Penny, 60, celebrated the birthday of her husband of 38 years by shaving her yoni and dancing for him. Sweet Talker, 65, works as a "phone sex fantasist," playing the role of a 29-year-old model. Rachel, 62, pleasures herself in an elegant ritual.

   Here are a few samples from
Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty (Seal Press, 2006):

AGE 60 - Monica
   When I was single and my grown son was out of the house, I had a mad, passionate love affair with myself. I got fabulous lingerie and bought myself champagne. Me and a vibrator. Some days nobody else can do it like you.

AGE 62 - Erica - Sexual Desires - Again like When Age 30s!
After I separated from my husband, I really came alive. Basically, I thought I'd never be interested in sex again. But I was interested in sex, just not with my husband. I started becoming Ravenous about Men again, as I had been in my Thirties. All this desire came flooding back--pent-up demand after all those years of no sexual satisfaction. I had been very sexual in my thirties, and this was just as good, sometimes better. It was quite a revelation.

AGE 64 - Melanie 
As a young woman, I was reluctant to tell a man what I liked. Now, at this age, I find these older men are very adept at finding out your secret wishes.

AGE 66 - Claire - Joy!
What a surprise--someone wants me to talk about Sex after Sixty. I would be more than happy to tell the world about such JOY. I spent fifty years of my life not knowing if I had a right to what I felt, shamed by my sexual feelings. Now I can feel sexual when and where I want to. I feel better about myself than I ever expected-- willing to make love in those ways I always fantasized but never had the courage to do before.

AGE 66 - Kaycee - Post Menopausal Zest!
It had been ten years since I was sexually active, and frankly I thought I was finished with it all.
I joined a Gym to get my poor, pathetic body into something resembling a woman.
   Then Post-Menopausal Zest hit me with a Huge Wave of Pure Lust.
I had this overwhelming urge to jump my trainer! I told him and he was very charming about it, but nothing happened. I ultimately transferred to another gym and decided that I needed to get back in action.
   Right now I am having the time of my life." 

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Dr. Christiane Northrup's "5 Steps" to Better Sex
Author of "The Wisdom of Menopause"

* Get Hormonal Support (Cream) if you have Vaginal Dryness. "If you've had a hysterectomy with your ovaries removed, you may need some hormonal support."  

* You can either be Angry or have Pleasure—not both. "If you are pissed off chronically, you can't get turned on because the blood won't go where it needs to go."  

* Practice Self-Cultivation (Dr. Northrup's word for Masturbation). "Every woman needs to practice self-cultivation so she learns what feels good, what doesn't and [how] you can learn to feel more."  

* Update your own Sexual Image. "There's an exercise you can do. Think of a sexy woman. You can walk down the street thinking that sexy woman is plastered to the left side of your body and breathe her in. You can have that essence in you."  

* Learn how to Receive, Surrender and Give Feedback. "You need to learn to receive and surrender to pleasure—this is a discipline."

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Menopause Facts - Good News!

A Woman's Age Defying Body was Lovingly *Programmed* at Menopause to Change Estrogen Production from the Ovaries to the Adrenal Glands.
   See our website page *Menopause Facts - Good News" for more Information.
After Menopause, a Continuous Supply of Estrogen produced by the Adrenal Glands, would Help a Woman's Body have what it Needs to *Restore and Maintain Itself* - Naturally Young *like Age 30s* at Age 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 100s+...

Restored Zest for Sex - After Menopause!

Women are Learning...Encouraging Facts about their *Age Defying Body*...Designed to Enjoy Sex after Menopause...without the Fear of Pregnancy!

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